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Quarterly/Annual/5-Year Certification

 Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems:

1.       Fire Department Connection Verifying:

A.     Caps gaskets, and signs are in place and in good condition. Quarterly

B.      Couplings and clappers are in working order. Quarterly

C.      There are no visible exterior obstructions. Quarterly

D.     The piping from the connection check valve to the connection is flushed clear and the check valve is working properly. 5-year

2.       Verifying control Valves Are:

A.     Not leaking. Quarterly

B.      Secured in the open position. Quarterly

C.      No visible exterior obstructions. Quarterly

D.     Operating properly. Annually

3.       Verifying Risers Are:

A.     Not leaking. Quarterly

B.      Visible, with no exterior obstructions. Quarterly

C.      Braced properly. Quarterly

4.       Checking Gauges For:

A.     Damage. Quarterly

B.      Proper operation and are in the open position. Quarterly

C.      Recording system gauge pressures before, during and after drain is flowed. Annually

D.     Accuracy. 5-years

5.       Checking common area and tenant space Sprinklers For:

A.     Leakage, corrosion, paint, damage or loading. Annually

B.      Obstructions. Annually

C.      Proper installation position. Annually

D.     Proper installation for the application. Annually

E.      Extra Sprinklers and a wrench available. Quarterly

F.      Extra sprinklers are the proper size and orifice for the design. Quarterly 

G.     Proper coverage. Annually

6.       Checking Piping For:

A.     Leakage, corrosion, or damage. Annually

B.      Proper support hangers. Annually

7.       Verifying Sprinkler Alarms:

A.     Local alarm bell is functioning. Annually

B.      Monitoring company is receiving signals. Annually

C.      Alarm bell sign is in place. Quarterly

8.       Check Sprinklers Installed in Concealed Spaces:

A.     Sprinklers installed in concealed spaces such as above suspended ceilings or in concealed spaces where access is provided by access opening shall be visually inspected from ceiling height only. 5-year

9.   Obstruction Investigation and Prevention:

A.     Perform obstruction investigation by opening a flushing connection at the end of one main and by removing a sprinkler toward the end of one branch line for the purpose of investigating for the presence of foreign organic and inorganic material. 5-year

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