About Us

MIC Treatment & Maintenance was founded by two fire protection industry veterans with 70 years of combined experience in fire sprinkler construction, inspection and maintenance.

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) has been identified as separate from oxidation corrosion as far back as the 1980’s. Once it was identified, scientists and engineers began developing treatments to inhibit the formation bacterial colonies  and halt the progression of MIC. Up until that time, when corrosion was present in a fire sprinkler system the only course of action taken was to repair or replace the pipe, with no treatment of the underlying cause. Recurrence of MIC in systems that had previously been treated led to the development of methods to monitor systems so they could be re-treated before extensive damage occurred.

The founders of MIC Treatment and Maintenance began identifying and treating the condition in 1995, as a result of service calls their fire protection company was making for pin-holes leaks, pipe obstructions and black, smelly water. The instances of MIC were soon found to be so frequent and pervasive in fire sprinkler systems throughout Southern California and Arizona that the decision was made to form a separate company to address it.

In 2003 MIC Treatment and Maintenance was incorporated as a company whose primary mission is to test for the presence of MIC, treat the condition when found and create a program of ongoing maintenance to ensure there is no recurrence.

MIC Treatment & Maintenance provides efficient and cost effective means of testing, treating and maintaining fire sprinkler systems. We monitor the industry and evaluate the treatments, processes and equipment that are currently being used to address MIC. This allows us to introduce the latest approaches to our clients as our industry continues to evolve and change.

Our clients have found that ensuring their fire sprinkler systems are free of MIC is a vital part of their overall risk management plan. A proactive approach to testing, treatment and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems is the key to reducing or eliminating damage costs and liability exposure due MIC.

We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and we hope to serve you soon!